“Jack Intrator is the hardest working Real Estate Specialist I know. His knowledge of the commerical real estate market, never let go attitude, and contacts have made Jack an asset to the real estate deals I have been involved in. It was easy to sell real estate when the market was booming, but in the current economy, it takes an individual with a special skill set to get results, that is Jack!” July 20, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Brian Smith, hired Jack as a Real Estate Agent in 2009, and hired Jack more than once

“I have known Jack Intrator for several years, working with him in his capacity as The Master Broker for New York Bagel Café on six occasions. I have watched him work and seen how much time he invests with each franchisee operator and his attention to detail. If you need a Real Estate Expert I strongly recommend that you contact Jack Intrator” June 28, 2011

Andrew AbramsonOwner, Abramson Employment Law, LLC was with another company when working with Jack at Aptcor Commerical Realtors 

“Jack is excellent at what he does. He is very reliable,always stays in contact to make sure you understand the process. He is also very knowledgeable and efficient. It was a pleasure to work with him.” December 14, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Kyrl Pierre, hired Jack as a General Contractor in 2010

“Jack Intrator is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands all aspects of the retail and restaurant industries. Jack understands the entire leasing process from start to finish and always puts his client’s needs first. I worked with Jack for more than a year and he was always a pleasure to deal with.” December 11, 2009

Leslie WhitbyBusiness Development Manager, Carroll Contractors, Inc was with another company when working with Jack at Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

“Jack is as persistent of a leasing specialist that I have worked with. He is knowledgable of the process of dealmaking from the very first steps and beyond the signing of a lease. He knows the ins and outs of the construction process for both traditional retail and restaurant space which is an added bonus for the client he represents. Jack gets the deal done!” December 1, 2009

Brett MillerSales Associate, Legend Properties, Inc. worked directly with Jack at Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

“It is a pleasure and honor for me to know Jack for the past 6 years as a colleague and friend. I worked closely with Jack for 3 years as Jack was the Director of Commercial Leasing. Jack is a high energy, self starter who quickly assumes responsibility and is not afraid to face new challenges and situations. I have seen Jack in stressful and complicated projects requiring his intelligence and understanding – he met every challenge and deadline and tackled every problem with grace and ease. I hope to again someday have the pleasure of working with Jack again.” September 17, 2010

Joyce FerrySales Manager/Builders Marketing & Sales Group, Prudential Fox and Roach worked directly with Jack at Zommick McMahon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

Retail & Restaurant Leasing Specialist

Malin Panchelli Nadel Realty, Inc.

15 visible recommendations for this position:                  Edit

“I have known Jack Intrator since 2008, that was when I decided to bring my concept New York Bagel Café and Deli to market and expand our brand throughout the market.  I met with Jack and he embraced my concept and brought all his connections, both locally in the Tri-state area and then to the national forum, utilizing his connections with ICSC and the Retail Brokers Net-work. Jack and I formulated the plan the promote New York Bagel Café and Deli by increasing visibility with a combination of marketing, press releases and establishing a presence at ICSC functions as well as the restaurant associations. As we increased visibility on the local scene utilizing his connections as board member of the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, Jack quickly realized to really bring a continuity for the all the New York Bagel operations, we would need to formulate and then illustrate a standardized Letter of Intent format that can be sent to his growing partner broker net-work.  Jack developed a very detailed Letter of Intent, so detailed it could be viewed as a mini lease.   As Jack would tell me I want the best and the brightest working with us.  He did not want to bring in someone just because they belong to a specific net-work. Today, Jack has created a net-work of Partner Brokers, coast to coast in every state we are expanding in. We have Chain-link’s members from the Shopping Center Group, NC, & TN, RBN members in WVA  and MA and as well as NAI members in several states, including ID and NJ and Sperry Van Ness, in DE and SC, as well as independents in FLA and parts of NJ. In PA, Jack handles the State directly. If there is one thing I can do for Jack it is to let the industry know that Jack goes the extra mile in everything he does.  I know a typical tenant rep broker limits there input to a specific Real Estate deal.  When a lease is signed, that is the last you hear from them.  As my Brand is small in comparison to so many national brands, they have directors of Real Estate, Vice Presidents of Development and Construction liaison professionals.  Jack wears all these hats for me and he wants to help everyone, to guide them to promote the brand with suggestions for marketing and promotion.   Jack has a wealth of experience and his loyalty to me and my brand is unwavering.    This recommendation is a long time coming and I want to publically recommend and endorse Jack for all he has done for me and I think anyone, and any operation, brand and or company that align their organization with Jack will be lucky to have such a dedicated professional.    I know Jack and I recommend Jack.
Joseph Smith President N.Y. Bagel Enterprises”                    February 26, 2012

Top qualities:                            Great Results, Personable, Expert

1stJoe Smith hired Jack as a Real Estate Agent                          in 2008, and hired Jack more than once


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